AR Sun Calligraffiti

AR sculpture in the style of Calligraffiti is created in the form of a calligraphic circle, similar to the continuous movement of the sun, wind, energy, it symbolically consists of 1986 elements. Each element is an element of Iranian calligraphy, which means the word LOVE.

It brings Energy of Healing, Love, and Meditation.

I’ve got an inspiration to create this AR sculpture during the Artist Residency Artefact – Chornobyl -Matadac (Ukraine-Spain).

We studied the power of nuclear energy and the danger related to this to mankind.
In nature, nuclear energy is released in the stars, and man is used mainly in nuclear weapons and, in particular, in nuclear power plants. Science knows one nuclear reactor of natural origin on our planet. It is located in the Oklo uranium deposit in Gabon. However, it has already cooled a billion and a half years ago.

This project is about the power and beauty of universal energies, we simultaneously feel that irresponsible flirtation with the forces of nature can be dangerously destructive.

People have learned to use the nuclear energy of uranium to generate electricity and it has straight relation with blockchain.

Nuclear power plants are by far the safest source of energy and electricity provided that you know how to properly manage them.

One of the biggest tragedies on the planet happened at the Chernobyl Power Plant in 1986 which is on the territory of Ukraine. It has been affected millions of people from Japan to Australia, Canada and the United States.

The most affected are the Territories of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and European countries.

My Project AR Sun CAlligraffiti dedicated to the memory of the millions affected by the Chernobyl tragedy.
This project is like a reminder – Nuclear energy is powerful and beautiful but to play with it can be dangerous.

NFT assigned to this AR artwork provided by artist Vera DG to prove ownership to future collectors as well as the transparent provenance and history of the artwork.