Artist statement

As an artist, I am always working hard to develop artworks that speak both to the artist and to others about the beauty of Calligraphy of different times, cultures and nations.

Since I started my solo career I have been working on the style of Calligraffiti which is a combination of Calligraphy and Graffiti. It means that the aesthetics of Calligraphy is transferred to large formats, big murals and canvases.

When I create Modern Calligraffiti, I don’t think that these signs can be read because the aesthetics of the letter itself comes first.

Everything I am drawing in a style of Calligraffiti is a combination of signs of cultures and nations, which I combine on the emotional level, on the level of rhythms, lines and aesthetics of symbols.

We don’t have to read Calligraffiti word by word as a book; we read stories that underlie the image by the heart and emotions.

For me, the visual image is always very important and very musical.

In my artworks I unite both directions of Calligraphy – Western in Eastern, in the unique extraordinary way, combining abstract Calligraffiti with portrait and figurative painting.

I believe that art is changing the world and I am part of this global beautiful process.

Vera DG