Aymana Moon

It is not just a painting, it is a real-life story

Amana series

Vera DG presented 3 newest artworks during the Exhibition at the Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery.

The name of each is Aymana, which means Moon. Because she has a round shape face like a moon.

The girl on the picture has a real prototype. She was born in Kazahstan, that’s why she depicted as an Asian type of face in the painting.

She was born without a hand, and her parents abandoned her. She grew up with the help of her grandmother.

Aymana Cyber Girl, 2019

That girl got a trauma because parents didn’t want her and she was different from the other kids and needed all the time to use a prosthesis.

She found a strength inside of her, she taught how to underline her uniqueness and became a famous fashion model in Istanbul.

Aymana Moon, 2019

Vera DG met her in July 2019 and got a huge inspiration for the personality of this young woman. Behind the pretty face of Aymana, the artist felt there is a private tragedy, fears, disasters, dreams, and hopes for a better future, also as fight with her past and herself. Cyber Girl is a half-robot and half-bio creature.

That robot part as a black hand is underlining the fact that human beings are alive creatures with their emotions, hopes, and experiences.

Aymana Night Dream, 2019

We are dreaming about the future of humanity, about a cyborg, robots and cosmo people.

Behind us, nowadays there are a lot of people who are half cyborg, and Aymana inspires them a lot to trust themself, and open talents to show the world beautiful personality.

These pictures are about strong personality, uniqueness and believe in yourself.

“You think of yourself

as a citizen of the universe.

You think you belong

to this world of dust and matter.

Out of this dust

you have created a personal image,

and have forgotten

about the essence of your true origin”

Rumi, Hush, Don’t Say Anything to God: Passionate Poems of Rumi

These paintings are currently on display in Dubai until March 15, 2020
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