Calligraphy in the private space

Glass wall panel «Berlin Dream»
Every artwork has its own story. 
In 2011, Vera DG took her backpack and went around Europe by herself to discover a new world. The most impressive one between European capitals to Vera was the incredible city of Berlin. Full of vibrant life, huge scale graffiti artworks on the walls, a lot of talented people around and of course a lot of gorgeous museums and artistic events. The most famous legendary artistic facility in Berlin those times was «Tacheles»
This art center affected the imagination of the young artist. All walls and windows of the five-storey building were covered with graffiti and various inscriptions. It seemed like thousands of people, over the years, had come and left their marks and tags on the walls, as a reminder of their existence.
When Vera returned back to Ukraine, a friend asked her to create something unique and unforgettable for his just opened hairdresser studio.
So Vera started to work upon a glass wall panel, which covered more than 8 square meters of walls of the studio. The main theme of this artwork was memories about artist's trip to Europe and the amazing Tacheles, so the name of this artwork was given «Berlin Dream».
This artwork is not only about Tacheles, but we can see the portrait of the famous actress Juliette Binoche as well, which was inspired by a similar graffiti artwork existing on Berlin wall.
It took 3 weeks for Vera to create this artwork. During the process, she was imagining that different people were coming to her studio everyday, leaving their tags and some images on the glass wall. Impression of the wall should be the same like she saw in Tacheles: like it was created not by one person but by many different characters.

Also she was asked to add the portrait of Vidal Sassoon, who made a revolution in hairdesign with his innovative cuts and innovative products, into the artwork.
Portrait of Vidal Sassoon is the most brilliant part of this artwork.
As Tacheles doesn't exist anymore, the artwork «Berlin Dream» is a good memory for all artlovers of Berlin.

Year of creation 2012
Artist - Vera DG

Artwork was included in the international catalog CCA 2013, published in Berlin.
Some photo shots from the interior space. 
© VeraDG