Charity auction STAY ART HOME

Charity auction STAY ART HOME

Vera DG participates in the charity auction STAY ART HOME.

The Artist will create paintings (event starts 06.05.2020 at 5 pm GMT+3) Live on FB Vera DG Artist and you bet.

Розклад майбутніх ефірів. ▪️5/05 Stay Art Home: Mariko Gelman ▪️6/05 Stay Art Home: Vera DG ▪️7/05 Stay Art Home:…

Опубликовано STAY ART HOME Понедельник, 4 мая 2020 г.

Bets are accepted during the live broadcast and every subsequent time until the end of the day, until 11:59 pm WET. Each bid extends the bidding time by another hour. But, if there is no bid within 60 minutes, then the winner of the auction is the person whose bid was last.

The minimum bid is 200 masks (3000 UAH).

Step – 50 masks (750 UAH).

The amount is converted into UAH (at the rate of 1 mask = 15 UAH) and will be credited to the Small Heart with Art fund, which will purchase the required number of masks for the NMSL Ohmatdit

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Posted on: 06.05.2020Vera