Charity project #Arthelpskids

Ukraine officially has 80.000 of orphans and children deprived of parental rights. This is a huge number of people who could inhabit the whole city.

We cannot say that these children are ours, and those children are strangers. When we do not think about a problem, it does not mean that the problem does not exist.

Vera DG, the founder of the project #ArtHelpsKids, says:
For a long time, I lived, worked, painted, murals, led to social educational projects. I knew that there are children who have no parents, and they are brought up in special institutions, I also knew that there are children whose parents were deprived of parental rights, and therefore they end up in orphanages.

BUT I did not know that there are so many of these children and that they live in terrible conditions. Volunteers and various public organizations help them, but this is not enough.

Two months ago, one wealthy man proposed opening a charity on his behalf in Ukraine. I began to study the issue and saw a terrifying picture. That it is not one child and not two, but 80,000 children.

Unfortunately, this person disappeared, but the fact that there are children who need support remained.

Volunteers turn to me as an artist and public figure, Vera, we need funds for new furniture, for painting walls, etc.

If we don’t have a sponsor, then I thought, what can I do as an artist? And I decided to make a charity project, sell prints of my work, the profit from the project goes to help children.

We won’t be able to help all 80,000 at once, but gradually we will be able to close certain needs.

Until February 20th, we urgently raise funds to help the house of new born babies number 3 in my native city Kharkiv.

And I invite you to be part of this wonderful project: #ArtHelpsKids

Prints for Charity

We are on a mission to empower kids in Ukraine through the power of art. We send the revenue from sales of prints by Vera DG to help orphans in the country of artist. Read more about the project at