GLASS wall panel «Berlin Dream»

«I love esthetics & beauty.

Sometimes beauty appears in the collision of completely unrelated and opposite things. I create a mix of elements, meanings, lines and directions. And the sharpest contrast is the contrast of black and white»  Vera DG
Elements of architectural constructions, figurative images and calligraphy are connected in the black and white graphics on the canvas. It is not only a perfect accent in the interior, but also is an independent unique artwork, which has its own value regardless to the environment.
Looking on the artworks we feel influence of street culture, large scale graffiti images, polygonal architectural constructions and calligraphy signs of different nations and times.
Our impression about paintings related with space where they are exhibited, whether a gallery or interior of a public or private area.
Visual code of an artworks is a reflection of a contemporary multicultural life.
All paintings presented in the collection «Calligraphy in the private space» were created by Vera DG in 2017

Materials and techniques used in the project:
Mixed media, acrylic, graffiti markers, canvases, wall painting.