Hold Strong Ukraine!

The most important thing for Ukrainians is freedom. Ukrainians are ready to fight to the end for their freedom, land, family and children.

This collection opens with a series of works by Vira DG, which the artist created in collaboration with Maria Kostina in 2014 after the russian invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. In a symbolic form, using body painting and graffiti, the artists embodied patriotic feelings and portrayed Ukraine as a gentle but strong-willed girl and the invaders as a snake in glasses hiding behind false masks.

Vira is an artist from Ukraine from the city of Kharkiv. Like many Ukrainians, she woke up at 5 am on February 24th, 2022 from explosions that happened 1 km away from her house, when the russians bombed air defense stations. She had little time to collect things, documents, relatives, and children and fled the country.
This was the right decision since the city where she lived from the first day of the war was desperately bombed and burned in battles.
From her shelter, the artist could help many people who remained in Kharkiv to defend their homeland with financial assistance, and also those people who fled the country and were seeking help.

100 % proceeds from NFT sales will go towards humanitarian causes and local assistance requests. Every day we receive a huge number of requests for help, NFT sales from this collection will help people who have fled and need medical help, and people who are left behind to defend the country.

Permission to mint artworks as NFT obtained from model and collaborator of this collection Maria Kostina, March 2022