Miami Basel Art Fair 2019 – The banana show

The star of the Miami Art Fair

It seems that this year, the star of the Miami Art Fair was banana rotten during the days of the exhibition, duct-taped to the wall.

The price set for the object of the exposition of 120,000 USD blew up the Internet community.

A perfect shot with duct-taped banana (Picture: EPA/RHONA WISE)

This is the most famous object of the Art Fair, which you cannot call art at all.

The use of the form of bananas in the venues of contemporary art expositions is not something original, but a very often used symbol of decaying fertility on the heads of sculptures, as well as symbol of unquenched sexual energy.

Vera’s professional opinion is if banana cost 120.000 USD, for real artwork shall be a price not less then 3,6 million.

The banana show, the main object of which was actually eaten by a performance artist David Datuna on Saturday night, is an extremely successful and well-planned marketing company of Miami Basel Art Fair and by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

The unique marketing talents deserve universal admiration and respect. Bravo gentlemen! You took over the attention of the whole world.