Never Give Up! The story of an artwork

A baby is born to the world, so tiny and tender. And what he needs at this moment is your support and protection. My name is Vera DG and I am a Visual artist. In the modern art of last years is traced a tendency to connect calligraphy, graffiti, and figurative painting. Besides this, especially in the photography, there is also a tendency to focus attention on the father’s image. Someday I took part in the photo contest on this theme, and after this the idea of a picture appeared. Any creation, whether it is a baby, an idea or your new personality, demands an explicit belief in yourself and the complete feeling of infinity and freedom. I take an image of the father-creator as the basic one. You can interpret this image as an image of earthy man and at the same time as that of the cosmic father of the Universe. He gives life and creates, he is courageous and able to protect. A baby is a symbol of the new, the birth of a new life, new mission. The background of this picture is the popular style of calligraffiti, symbols and signs of eternity. The value of the picture in the message that I put into it: I want people to believe in themselves Human abilities are unlimited, never give up! Love is a force which can change the world – love to the world, to people, to oneself.

In this artwork, Vera wanted to emphasize the importance of the role of the father. In all previous centuries, artists painted exclusively women with babies, emphasizing the role of the mother, and none of the artists spoke of the significance of men not only in the process of procreation but also in the meaning of construction of the Universe.
The artwork is about the Cosmic Father, the Creator, and about human abilities.

“Never give up” 2018
Canvas, mixed media, golden leaf, 120х120cm
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