Vera DG is a multidisciplinary artist, working in a variety of techniques, styles, and directions: Calligraffiti, modern wall calligraphy, mural arts, interior decoration, illustrations, airbrushing, comic art, photography, and video.

Collection of the figurative painting includes artworks from 2018-2019

Vera DG worked with Abstract Calligraffiti for one year, then she decided to combine calligraphic signs with figurative and portrait painting.

Vera likes to work with naked body figures, applying the tattoo, playing with shapes, textures, meaning, combining all with calligraphic letters and scripts.


 Black and White Calligraffiti

Black and White collection by Vera DG include artworks which artist made in 2017.


In 2016 Vera decided to start her solo career. The style of Calligraffiti attracted her attention.

The new art movement has gained popularity in Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Iran.

Vera DG inspired by the work of ambassadors of Calligraffiti and begun her research in a new art style. The black and white collection is the result of a study of calligraphic styles from around the world, different cultures and civilizations.

Calligraffiti and Figurative painting

Artworks of different styles and directions wich Vera made before 2016

Airbrushing car Mitsubishi Outlander XL by Vera DG
With a unique balance of creative and technical capabilities, coupled with a strong skills in airbrushing and visual arts Vera Dg creates amazing work of art upon different surfaces. 16 years of professional experience in the field of art and 7 years of direct work in the airbrushing technique gives an excellent result! You will be never disappointed.
Light, full of sensual tenderness, this car flies like a bird on motorways of 
the metropolis...
This unique project was made by Vera DG in 2012. Car won several awards, between them the Excellent Airbrushing Award at Auto-show Stolichnoe, Airbrushing Tuning contest, Kiev, 2013 / People's Choice Award at Auto-Moto fest, Kiev Ice Stadium, 2014
The secret of success is in details...
Unusual pearl glazed paints, various textures and fine lines of pinstriping fill the work. This all creates a visually rich and vibrant artwork.
Vera Dg is the ukrainian born artist, working in airbrushing technique more than 7 years. Proven leadership in Ukraine and Europe in airbrushing opens new goals and objectives for international cooperation.