Rose of East

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  • Rose of the East - The place where East and West United/ Painting, 2018

Canvas, mixed media, gold, 60 cm in diameter

Represented by Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

To purchase, please contact the Gallery

The artwork inspired by Istanbul, it collects sounds vibrations and rhythms.

Vera DG combines Western type of classical calligraphy with Ottoman, Arabic and Iranian signs.

The history of calligraphy is as old as writing itself. The main function of writing is to transmit information, history, and knowledge.

Essentially, calligraphy was originally created in order to convey the text and meaning in a beautiful way and was related with books and manuscripts. When we create modern calligraffiti we don’t think that these signs can be read. Because of the aesthetics of the letter itself comes first.
If you do not speak Arabic or Iranian, you cannot read the inscription, but you can feel the beauty of the lines, which in the artist opinion always unites with the beauty of the sounds of azan.

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