The MUSE – Dancing Goddess. A Physical NFT with AR

The MUSE – Dancing Goddess. 2020
A Physical NFT

Calligraffiti, figurative painting, by Vera DG
W150xH180 cm (59″x 70″), Italian canvas, mixed media (acrylic, graffiti markers, gold leaf 23K), Augmented Reality (AR)

Over the past year, Vera DG has been working on augmented and virtual reality projects, combining traditional art forms such as painting and digital art in AR. Vera is the creator of the world’s first augmented reality calligraphic sculpture “Born by Calligraphy” in 2019. She works with the technique of augmented reality, creating sculptures and installations.

“The Muse – Dancing Goddess” is a work of art, born during the quarantine, which brings together 20 years of artist’s professional experience and her innovative developments.

“My mission is to inspire people, and I find great inspiration in creating augmented reality. Always surprising manifestation of the fact that people do not see AR art with their own eyes until you turn on the phone, but that art is always invisibly somewhere in digital space among them “, – says the Artist.

In this painting, the artist raises the issue of women in art. This is a dialogue about openness and closeness.

The heroine looks like a marionette, her hands and feet were bound by invisible ropes, and at the same time, she looks like a Dancing Goddess. The position of her body speaks of maximum openness to the world. When all the chakra centers of a woman are open, she gives the world wonderful energy and inspiration.

Near the right hand, the word “LOVE” is written in calligraphy, as the highest value in the Universe.

In Augmented Reality, we see the energy of abundance, beauty, and fullness flowing from the Goddess’s arms as golden balls.

Music for that physical NFT exclusively made by DJ, Sound Designer, and Music Producer Daniel Merlino (LA, Long Beach).

The person who will buy that NFT will own a physical Art, for the request it will be shipped at the cost of the new owner. The artwork has a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist, and a QR code to the Non-Fungible token. For collectors we have a storage service if a new owner doesn’t want to ship physical painting, we keep it in a good condition.

In unlockable content, the collector will receive an augmented reality QR code to interact with the painting.