The Mystery of Central Asia – Gokturk runic artwork

  • The Mystery of Central Asia, 2020

Canvas, Acrylic, Gold, Silver 23 K / Diameter 74,5 cm

Luxury artwork by Vera DG touches on the ancient history of Central Asia and the writing of the ancient Türks.

As Sansara’s circle represents the chain of events, the “sun” of “Mystery of Central Asia” represents the gifts of nations together.

When art and language meet, a masterpiece may appear.

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When scientists discovered these inscriptions on the territory of Mongolia at the end of the 19th century, they thought that it was runes. But it turned out to be the ancient language of the Turkic Khaganate or Göktürk Khaganate, which was a khaganate established by the Ashina clan of the Göktürks in medieval Inner Asia.

Calligraffiti «Love above all»

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  • Calligraffiti «Love above all»/ Painting, 2017

Canvas, mixed media, 100x90 cm

Every letter, sign, script, rhythm tells us a story. Not only the history of the development of a character or font but also the history of our existence.

In the signs we fix our thoughtforms, feelings, experiences, we transmit information.
And “Love overall”, covers all nations and cultures.

Location: Ukraine / Shipping: Worldwide

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