VRtober immersive art in October

October of 2021 I dedicated myself to immersive art and will create everyday VR short stories to promote that evolving type of art on NFT and make it affordable to collect!

1st of October I start with Crystal Skull.

The second day of VRtober is with the topic “Metaverse Suit”.

Metaverse is a new reality that is developing so rapidly and fast and just in few years, we all will be living as avatars in a new reality. How will look your avatar, which way you will explore Metaverse, and who will be your friends/partners in there? Artist is trying to find answers to those questions using VR immersive tools to create short storytelling about the future and Metaverse!

The buyer of NFT will receive his/her personal avatar as an airdrop to the wallet.
Details are on Open sea:

The third day of VRtober is with the topic “Buddha’s Vessel”.

Inspired by an authentic concert, I saw a vision that I embodied in VR NFT. Buddha is in the silence of the evening garden, the mysterious fog is everywhere and the sounds of a handpan. He holds something in his hand, this is a vessel with fire inside.

Always keep your inner fire burning!

4 day of #VRtober2021 with the topic “Knot”

I went to a body therapist and he said: “You always do what is allowed to do in society, but never what you really want”. It was easy for him to read it because we hide our emotions in the body.

-Oh, yeah, I wanna be a BAD GIRL! I take my time, I want too but I’m shy.

Music: ES_I’ll Never Stop – Sebastian Forslund Commercial license: Epidemicsound

The best way to feel freedom and happiness is to allow yourself to do what you really want to!

5 day of #VRtober2021 with the topic “RAVEN”

This is an epic ballad about the short life of a brave warrior. I’m opening new challenges diving deeply into an immersive experience and creating short stories in VR! I’m really proud of that work!