Welcome World! – Calligraffiti in Private Collection

  • Calligraffiti “Welcome to the World”/ Painting, 2017

Canvas, mixed media, W 90 x H 100 cm

Location: Ukraine / PRIVATE COLLECTION

On the canvas “Welcome to the World” we see prismatic constructions that symbolize the artificial world created by human beings, different signs and words as a meaning of communication and the world, also signs of nature, the symbol of which is some biological creatures – cancer and leaves.

The “omega” sign, twisted into a solar symbol, signifies the beginning of everything. Calligraphy in black is a part of the word TODAY, written in a futuristic manner (when two systems of writing – Cyrillic and Latin) are connected. The word “HOŞGELDINIZ” is written in gold, which means “Welcome” in Turkish. Foros is a polysemantic term, meaning the names of three biblical characters, and also serves in the Ancient Greek Delos Union.
How do all these words and images unite in a single sense?
The world around us and the events – it’s not so sweet, it sometimes bites. Cancer with huge claws, in addition to the symbol of the biological world, also symbolizes danger and alertness. And as a rule, the dangers happen suddenly, they cannot be foreseen.
Initially, the picture was created in black and white. The color has been added after a half-year break in the work on the canvas.